My name is Corinne and I am a self-taught artist from Scotland.

Art has always been a passion of mine, for as long as I can remember I have loved nothing more than to create. Throughout my childhood I attended an after-school club where I was fortunate to have been able to try nearly every kind of creating possible – from painting and drawing to clay modelling and candle making and even big collages out of beach finds! 

29792818_1694744423935986_8078946505840394240_o (1).jpg

My Nanna bought me my first acrylic painting set when I was young (I can’t remember what age) and the picture here was the result – it still hangs on my bedroom wall to this day and, even though the shadows are all wrong and it lacks any skill, it serves as a reminder to create for the love of it and that I’m always improving no matter how little I see it.

Today, I focus mainly on nature as a source of inspiration but mental health has also been an important theme over the last few years. I create using a range of different mediums and styles and I love learning new skills and techniques. Most of my portfolio consists of acrylic paintings, watercolour paintings and ink drawings.


This is my dog, Buddy. He's always so happy and seeing him bouncing through the woods or bounding across the beach brings me so much joy. He was a rescue dog and he's been with us since December 2017; we were told he had behavioural issues although you wouldn't think it now if you saw him curling up in my lap for a cuddle. 

Besides art, there is nothing I love more than getting outdoors and exploring nature and the Scottish landscape. I adore mountains, hiking and backpacking too. The Scottish landscape serves as my main source of inspiration for art. There is nothing better than the quiet of a lonely mountain-side where all you can hear is wild animals and the wind whistling through trees.

While I sell prints of my favourite artworks, I also do commissions so please do get in touch if you have an idea for a commissioned piece! Email me at ccorinnef@gmail.com.