Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Corinne and I am a self-taught artist from Scotland.

I focus mainly on nature as a source of inspiration but mental health has also been an important theme over the last few years. I create using a range of different mediums and styles and I love learning new skills and techniques. Most of my portfolio consists of acrylic paintings, watercolour paintings and ink drawings.

Commissions are currently open! Please do get in touch with any ideas or queries. My email address is ccorinnef@gmail.com.

For some of my artworks you can also find them on various household items, such as; pillows, clocks, t-shirts, mugs and more, on redbubble.

You can also support me by shopping through my Amazon Affiliates link. It doesn't cost you anything but I earn a small commission for every sale. Simply click the link and shop as you normally would on Amazon.

You can find me on:


At the end of each year I will donate 10% of any profits made to the Scottish SPCA and SAMH so that I can spread kindness and love a little bit more.